TRD-0855 Plastic Dampers, Speed Controller, Shock Absorber

It is a small linear shock absorber,linear damper, plastic dampers, which can be used in any kinds of cabinet, refrigerator, lid,doors ect. Same as FPD-1012 series.

Product Details



Testing machine: time measuring machine made by our company (horizontal movement mode)

Horizontal speed 26 (mm/s)

Testing Temperature 23℃±2℃ 

Length of Stroke: 55 (mm)

Method: Motion based on the above conditions, from 0 to 55mm, the time should be measured.

Similar as plastic damper FPD-0715/0745/0750/0755/0760 series

FPD-1030/1050/1060/1070/10100 Series

FPD-1006 1008 1020 Series

Appliation: used in home appliances, electronics, automobiles, automation machinery, theater seats, family living facilities, sliding door, sliding cabinet, furniture ect.

Plastic dampers used in refrigerator cabinet.

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