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Cabinet Hardware Don't Overlook The Hinged Cabinet Key

Nov 03, 2016

Most customers when purchasing cabinets, main cabinet styles and colors, in fact, Cabinet hardware on its level of comfort, quality and life plays an important role, so when you purchase must not ignore these seemingly small is actually a key part.

Hinge is Cabinet Cabinet body and door received merged repeatedly opening and closing of essential hardware pieces one of, due to door of opened frequency in using process highest, so, hinge of quality on is is important, opening and closing effect and durability, and natural, and smooth, and silent is basic of requirements; second is can adjustable sex: upper and lower, and around, and before and after can adjustable range in ± 2mm; open angle minimum should for 95 ° and must of resistance corrosion sex and security, good of hinge with hand broke up is hard, Reed solid, mechanical folding at no shaking, Close to 15 degrees will automatically rebound, rebound is very uniform.