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Rotary Dampers And Its Applications

Dec 18, 2020

A rotary fluid viscous Dampers uses the friction (resistance of the viscous oil) on the rotator. The greasing oil sealed in the main body produces a damping force on the movement of the rotary parts.  Its torque is determined by the viscosity of the viscous oil and the oil contact area. It is also affected by temperature and the speed of rotation. Using the functions of the damper, it can be used to slow down the motion speed of objects, lower down the noise and protect objects to reduce vibration pressure.

rotary damper structure

Our rotary dashpot dampers are maintenance-free small mechanical compents.Rotation dampers can be typed as Vane Dampers, Disk Dampers, Gear Dampers and Barrel Dampers.

Vane damper
Disk damper

Gear  damper
Barrel damper

Rotary Dampers Features:

1. SAFE 

It can protect and extend the life of your product by helping to prevent lid and access panel ToYou Industry are widely used in electrical appliances, furniture, industrial products and consumer products. The huge domestic and international markets are a new and challenging industry with promising prospects.


It obtains the superior noise suppression, resulting in that touch of our high performance of the rotary damper.



It can be operated stablly without oil leakage for over 50000 cycles .This proves that our rotary dampers are with reliable performance.



Enable products to function with a smooth and elegant mechanical motion.


We adopt import Japanese silicone oil as the viscous oil. Its sealed damper without oil leakage for over 50000 cycles, which can prove for its superior quality.


We have ISO9001 in our factory, with Rohs directive. Some of our items even have product TS16949.


One of rotary dampers can used for daily home usages,main applications is used in the cover of toilet seats or lids of dustbin. 

toilet seats or cover
for dustin

Rotary Dampers are also widely used in home appliances,office equipment, for automobile, for furniture euipments etc.

rotary damper for home appliances
office equipment


ToYou Industry Production and Quality Capability:

We, ToYou Industry, has over 15 years of rotary damper manufacturing and development. Our company registered capital is 5 million. In the past five years, it has grown rapidly from less than 300 square meters to more than 2,000 square meters.We have quite many sets of injection molding equipment,precision testing instruments, world-class fusion production equipment. Reliable production lines and quality inspection managment is quality assurance. 

fty production euipment
14. assembly lines

test euipmentproperty

Our Company adheres to the principle of quality first, honesty, and does not make low-priced products. It gradually establishes its own reputation and brand in the market and recognized by customers. Our well-known customers inculding We are supplier of Whirlpool, Midea, TCL, Jardine, Xiaomi and other domestic large and well-known companies, foreign GM, Häfele, Spain and other customers.

We can design the rotary damper according to the customer's demands and product application space. We can produce customized products according to the drawings and different sizes provide by customers.

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