Rotary Dampers

A rotary damper ,also called rotary dashpot , is a kind of small rotary mechanical device to resist motion via viscous oil hydraulic friction .Rotary damper is often seen in life and work. Many subjects install this small rotary damper device when motion control is necessary. With this small, almost invisible component in some products, it can protect life of your products, make noise recession and lower vibration.

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A rotary damper ,also called rotary dashpot , is a kind of small rotary mechanical device to resist motion via viscous oil hydraulic friction .Rotary damper is often seen in life and work. Many subjects install this small rotary damper device when motion control is necessary. With this small, almost invisible component in some products, it can protect life of your products, make noise recession and lower vibration.

II.Types of Rotary Damper

We have vane dampers, disk dampers, gear dampers and barrel dampers.

gear dampers
barrel dampers

vane dampers
disk dampers

III.Rotary Damper from China

1. SAFE:

Protect delicate products and extend the life of your products by helping to prevent lid and access panel closure damage.


Obtain the superior noise suppression, resulting in that touch of quality.


Over 50,000 cycles by means of the reliable quality Perform a stable performance.


Enable products to function with a smooth and elegant mechanical motion.

5. Quality guarantee:


ROHS directive

IV.Rotary Dampers applications

Rotary Dampers can used in home appliances,in automobile,in office,also in furniture including home,office and public furnitures. Indeed, you can see multi-purpose applications then we present here.

Rotary Damper for Electrical Household

Rotary Dampers for Home Appliances

Rotary Dampers for Vehicles

Rotary Dampers for Automobile

Rotary Damper for Daily Usage

Rotary Dampers for Daily Supplies

Rotary Dampers for Business Usages

Rotary Viscous Damper For Commercial Purpose

Rotary Dashpot for Furnitures

Rotary Damper For Furnitures

Due to rotary motion damper widely usage, we need to consider about its rotary direction,torque, torque angle ,etc.

Rotary dampers have many applications.Some of the rotary damper applications are still waiting for mechanical engineer staff for further development. Please consult with us to know where you mean to use our items,so as to find the mose suitable parts for you.

We have one-way direction Rotary Dampers, two-way direction rotary dampers. Besides, due to rotary damper torque ,torque angle difference, it is better to consult with us when you choose for different items. Please consult with our sales for selecting the correct item for you. We can also make OEM products as your CAD drawing or design as per your request.

ToYou: Your Professional Rotary Dampers Manufacturer

1.High Superior Production 

● Toyou Industry has been an OEM for rotary damper manufacturer for Japanese market for about 10 years.

● All of our production process and quality strictly follow Japanese standard.

● Stable Production Assembly lines.

 2. High quality raw material request

● All raw material of our Toyou Industry is from Japan imported. 

● All of the raw material is 100% inspected and the quality inspection report will be kept for at least 5 years.

● We adopt Japenese silicone oil, which makes our rotary damper operate more effective.

3.Strict Quality Request 

● Concise Test Euipment

● Our quality for test

● Torque Test & Life Cyle Test 

100% inspection for dampers torque before delivery.

Life Cyle Test

The life test result is more than 50,000 times 

Test qty: 3pcs of samples from 100,000 pcs of mass production goods are selected for life cycle test.

4. Excellent R&D Capabilty 

We have about 5 members of R&D engineers work in new product development. 

Generally, we have  new patnents and  

Clients' samples or AUTOCAD model design will be checked through our R& D team members .

5.Our product quality

Our products can be perfectly compatible replaced those famous rotary damper brands, such as ace, Fujilex, ITW and Nifco.

Rotary Damper: The Helpful Guide for Importers

Compare TRD-N Series Rotary Damper with Other Rotary Damper

1. The Differences of Cover Welding

Toyou TRD-N Series Damper

Toyou TRD-N Series

The sealed cover of TRD-N rotary damper is tighter and smoothness. Professional welding equipments for sealing covers are adopted to ensure  the tightness and smoothness of the sealing cover with the accurate inner cavity space and stable torque setting .

Other Rotary Damper in China

Other Rotary Damper in China

The sealing and smoothness of other rotary damper is not so good.Uncertain welding accuracy of the cover leads to inaccuracy of the inner cavity accuracy and inconsistency of the finished product, which directly affects the deviation from the torque original setting.

2.The Slow Fall Effect Contrast

Toyou TRD-N Series Rotary Damper

Toyou Rotary Damper

Damper force adaptive gravity changes, fall gently in whole journey, at beginning fall fast. then more and more slow, finally close in place quietly, smoothly and slowly.

Other Rotary Damper

Other Rotary Damper

Closing process is not smooth, in the last closing stage the speed quicken, close with vibration and noise. or the closing speed is very slow for the whole process.

Hydraulic damper effect not fully reflected, rely on damping oil viscosity of ultra high resistance can not meet the requirement of  cover plate slow and quite close. 

3. Small Angle Cover Release Damping Effect Contrast

Toyou Rotary Damper

Toyou Rotary Damper

As long as open 15 ° (two fingers), the cover plate can have good damping , close quietly and avoid the impact .

Other Rotary Damper

Other Rotary Damper

Other company's product with the same torque and used in the same cover, need to open more than 40 degree and then can have damping effort when fall, so if the cover's angle not large enough, the fall of the cover have no damping, it is easy to clip customer's hand, cannot achieve real reasonable use requirement

4. More Accurate of Molding Dimension

Due to the presence of ribs in the inner cavity of the shell, the inner circle ellipse is caused by the different shrinkage in the circumferential diameter direction of the shell during the molding process.A good solution for  plastic contraction is the basis for initially ensuring the stable output of the damper torque.

Our Dampers have more precise molding dimensions to ensure the ability to cushion at low angles.

5. Stable Damping Effect

Toyou Rotary Damper

Damping oil is the imported silicone oil with good heat resistance , the damping force does not fall after continuous many times action , the damping effect remain very well

Other Rotary Damper

Use hybrid grease, resistant temperature is bad, continuous action after a few times slow fall significantly faster

6. Working Life

Toyou Rotary Damper

The test of working life is more than 100,000 times, to ensure that the normal working life is more than 50,000 times .

Other Rotary Damper

The service life is generally less than 20,000 times, and the performance at the later stage is seriously attenuated

7. Raw Material Difference

Toyou Rotary Damper

Rotating shaft use imported enhancement PPS 

PPS has high strength, strong temperature resistance, and has the reputation of “plastic steel”.More reliable and endurable.

Other Rotary Damper

Rotating Shaft use common PC and fiberglass or POM PC,fiberglass or POM

cannot have the strength quality as PPS.The damper made by the PC material generally does not apply to the washing machine, toilets seating.

8. Restrict Quality Request

100% in-come material inspection. All test results are kept for more then 5 years.

100% torque test before delivery

What is a rotary damper?

Damping itself means resistance. It is one of the phenomena that objects are subjected to various frictional resistances in motion, and the energy is gradually dissipated and the motion is weakened. A rotary damper ,also called rotary dashpot damper, is a kind of small rotary mechanical device to resist motion via viscous oil hydraulic friction and make lower noise.

How does a rotary damper work?

A rotary fluid viscous Dampers uses the friction (resistance of the viscous oil) on the rotator. The greasing oil sealed in the main body produces a damping force on the movement of the rotary parts.  Its torque is determined by the viscosity of the viscous oil and the oil contact area. It is also affected by temperature and the speed of rotation. Using the functions of the damper, it can be used to slow down the motion speed of objects, lower down the noise and protect objects to reduce vibration pressure.

Our rotary dashpot dampers are maintenance-free small mechanical compents.Rotation dampers can be typed as Vane Dampers, Disk Dampers, Gear Dampers and Barrel Dampers.

Rotary Damper Torque Calculation 

One of the critical factors to select rotary damper is according to its torque value. Then how to caculate torque of the rotary damper?

1.If the rotation shaft and the damper axis are directly connected, the approximate torque can be calculated based on the following equation if the lid size and weight are known.

T(torque)=L/2x9.8xM (N.M)

L:Dimension of the lid(m)

M: Weight of the lid(kg)

Torque force stated per product (see individual product pages), is the maximum torque to which the specified part can be exposed

before the dampening force yields and hence dampening is overcome.

2. If the damper rotation shaft and the lid rotating shaft are concented by a lever or a gear, the results of the torque is vared according to the lever ratio or gear ratio.

If the gear ratio is 1:n, a damper torque that n times the regular damper torque will be required. 

Some Warnings and Cautions before Installing Rotary Damper

Before installing Rotary Dampers, We should obey some rules before installation, or it is possible to have emergency to the users life or serious injury when the product is unavoidable.So you should know some precautions for installation of Rotary Dampers to avoid damage to your personal safety and products.

How long for your delivery when setting mass order?

Generally,it is about 2-4 weeks for mass production. Please make sure for  detail of the order information is complete ,our factory will try ASAP to do finish goods.


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