5 PCS Shock Absorber Strut Nut Socket Tool Set (MG50421A)

small damper used in the ground socket ,ground socket damperTRD-T16C Damper Characteristics Damper Specification

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It is our goal to strictly control quality and improve efficiency. Our company unremitting efforts to provide customers with big torque damper, damper test equipment, door damper door soft close damper that meet the needs of the market. We have superb professional skills, rigorous and meticulous style, efficient execution, promoting sustainable development. We have established a good reputation of high quality, low price and good service. We are highly innovative and innovative development ideas and constantly improve the international scientific management standards to meet the needs of customers. Our company aims to promote the whole to the competition ranks of international brands.

small damper used in the ground socket ,ground socket damperTRD-T16C

small rotary damper,When use the damper in the ground socket. It will make the socket open slowly and silent.


Damper Characteristics 

torque vs angular speed(at room temperature:23℃) 

oil damper torque changing by rotate speed as shown in the left drawing. Torque increase by rotate speed increasing.

torque vs temperature(rotation speed:20r/min) 

oil damper torque changing by temperature,generally Torque is increasing when temperature reduction and decreasing when temperature increment.

Damper Specification

55.0±1 cN·m
7.57.5±1.5 cN·m
Big O-Ringsilicon rubber
Samll O-Ringsilicon rubber
Insidesilicon oil

TemperatureRoom Temperature:23℃
One cycle→1 way clockwise,    
→1 way anticlockwise(30r/min)
Lifetime10000 cycles

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