Fiber Cement Fireproof Damper Board-Partition Wall Panel

Rotary damper for fridge bar, fridge damper, damper for home appliance TRD-N1 series Damper applications: Rotary damper is widely used in all kinds of seats, including...

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Rotary damper for fridge bar, fridge damper, damper for home appliance TRD-N1 series 

Damper applications:
Rotary damper is widely used in all kinds of seats, including auditorium seats, cinema seatings, automotive seats, truck and train seats and many public seats. It also can be used in car interior, such as car CD, car mirror, car ashtrays, handle ect. And other application such as in trash can, coffee maker, electric kettle, washing machines, toilet seat and cover, window screen, many kinds machines, mechanical equipment, drawers, cabinets, furniture, stereo, beverage holder, caps, sunglasses, clothes rack, handle lamp box, locker or box, shutter, all kinds of small and medium-sized boxes flap.

It can slow down the vibration and reducing the speed of door opening and closing, make its smooth open and close, and reduce the noise in the process of product using effectively, can give customer good feeling when use the product with damper.

Now we introduce a damper used in fridge


When damper used in hear, the lid will open softly




Reverse torque



1 N·m (10kgf·cm)

0.2 N·m (2kgf·cm)





2 N·m (20kgf·cm)

0.4 N·m (4kgf·cm)





3 N·m (30kgf·cm)

0.8 N·m (8kgf·cm)





100% performance test

Environment test

Oil leakage test

Lifecycle test>50000 times 


ROHS directive

Note)Measured at 23°C±2°C 

*Max. angle 110°

*Operating temperature–5~50°C

*Weight 12±1g

Body and cap material Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)

Rotating shaft material Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS)

*Oil type Silicone oil


How to use the damper:

1.TRD-N1 is designed to generate a large torque just before a lid closing from a vertical position, as shown in Diagram A, comes to a full closure. When a lid is closed from a horizontal position, as shown in Diagram B, a strong torque is generated just before the lid is fully closed, causing the lid to not close properly.

2.When using a damper on a lid, such as the one shown in the diagram, use the following selection calculation to determine the damper torque. 

How to Use the Damper
Example) Lid mass M: 1.5 kg
Lid dimensions L: 0.4m
Load torque: T=1.5X0.4X9.8÷2=2.94N·m
Based on the above calculation,TRD-N1-*303 is selected.

3.When connecting the rotating shaft to other parts, please ensure a tight fit between them.Without a tight fit, the lid will not slow down properly when closing. The corresponding dimensions for fixing the rotating shaft and the main body are as follows.

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