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seating damper, seat soft close 360 degree rotation damper TRD-57A When damper use in this seat, it will keep the seat close silently and slowly.

Product Details
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seating damper, seat soft close 360 degree rotation damper TRD-57A

When damper use in this seat, it will keep the seat close silently and slowly. It can also used in big and heavy lid and make it open or close softly,slowly and silently 










4.0±0.5 N·m





5.0±0.5 N·m





6.0±0.5 N·m





7.0±0.5 N·m





100% performance test 

Environment test 

Oil leakage test 

Lifecycle test>50000 times 


ROHS directive 

Max.rotation speed 50rpm 

Max.cycle rate 12 cycle/min 

Operating temperature –10··50°C 

Weight TRD-57A : 75g, TRD-57A : 94g 

Main body material Iron (SPFC) 

Oil type Silicone oil 


How to use the damper
1.Dampers may generate torque in both directions, clockwise, orcounter-clockwise.
2.Please make sure that a shaft attached to a damper has a bearing, as the damper itself is not fitted with one.
3.please refer to the recommended dimensions below when creating a shaft for TRD-57A. Not using the recommended shaft dimensions may cause the shaft to slip out.

Shaft’s external dimensions

ø10 0–0.03

Surface hardness

HRC55 or higher

Quenching depth

0.5mm or higher

Surface roughness

1.0Z or lower

Chamfer end
(Damper insertion side

4.To insert a shaft into TRD-57A, insert the shaft while spinning it in the idling direction of the one-way clutch. (Do not force the shaft in from the regular direction. This may damage the oneway clutch.)

5.When using TRD-57A, please ensure that a shaft with specified angular dimensions is inserted in the damper's shaft opening. A wobbling shaft and damper shaft may not allow the lid to slow down properly when closing. Please see the diagrams to the right for the recommended shaft dimensions for a damper.


Damper Characteristics
1.Speed characteristics
A disk damper's torque varies according to the rotation speed. In general, as shown in the graph to the right, the torque increases as the rotation speed increases, and the torque decreases as the rotation speed decreases. Torque at 20rpm is shown in this catalogue. In a
closing lid, the rotation speed is slow when the lid begins to close, resulting in the generation of torque that is smaller than the rated torque.

2.Temperature characteristics
Damper torque (rated torque in this catalogue) varies according to the ambient temperature. As the temperature increases, the torque decreases, and as the temperature decreases, the torque increases. This is because the viscosity of the silicone oil inside the damper varies according to the temperature. The graph to the right illustrates the temperature characteristics.



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