Rotary Damper for Flat Slow Down

Shanghai Toyou Industry Co.,Ltd is soft close toilet seat damper manufacturer and suppliers in china, specialized in the research, development and production of Soft close damper . Introduction of the soft close toilet seat damper: Damper is to provide an opposition to the movement. It can make...

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We actively face the diversified requirements of the market and customers, insist on selling damper for fridge damper for lid, damper for furniture, miniature rotary damper with the best brand and the most competitive price, and provide customers with diversified services to fully meet customer requirements. Being proactive about customer service is essential for any business to survive and thrive. Therefore, we are trying to improve our services in all aspects. We always think from the customer's point of view and provide products that are more in line with the customer's interests from a professional point of view. Our company takes high quality and timely after-sales service as guarantee and develops together with customers and recognize this as the biggest driving force for the development of our company.

Shanghai Toyou Industry Co.,Ltd is rotary hydraulic damper manufacturer and trader specialized in the research, development and production of Hydraulic damper.

Introduction of the rotary hydraulic damper:

Damper is to provide an opposition to the movement. It can make the movement softly,safely and silently.

It is widely used in furniture,home appliances.

rotary hydraulic damper manufacturers

rotary hydraulic damper manufacturers

Hydraulic damper suppliers

Hydraulic damper suppliers

Vane damper price

Vane damper

Advantage of the rotary hydraulic damper:

Speed, rotary damper according to the speed of change, the torque also changes. The change rule is: the speed increases, the torque also increases. The speed slows down and the torque decreases. Torque is different from standard torque at start-up.

Temperature characteristics, the rotation of the damper varies according to the use of ambient temperature, the torque also changes. The change rule is: the ambient temperature increases when the torque decreases, the ambient temperature decreases when the torque increases. This is because the viscosity of the viscous oil in the damper also changes as the ambient temperature changes. However, when the ambient temperature returns to normal temperature, the torque will return to the original value.

Specification of the rotary hydraulic damper:

rotary hydraulic damper TRD-N1-L303


Damper Characteristics


1.It can not over its working angle when use it

2.we can print customer logo and model





the angle with damping


the biggest open angle


working temperature


stock temperature


damping direction


body fixed

delivery status

rotor in 90ºposition

Same as the picture

standard tolerance ±0.3









angle tolerance  ±2º



natural color




natural color


test at 23±2℃



natural color



part name




Application of the rotary hydraulic damper:

It is used in washing machine, coffee machine,oven, refrigerator, doors,toilet seat,bidet,fans,furniture,piano,seats,auditorium seating, cinema seating,church seating, theatre seating and many home appliances, seats and furniture.

rotary hydraulic damper suppliers

rotary hydraulic damper suppliers

Hydraulic damper price

Hydraulic damper

Vane damper manufacturers

Vane damper manufacturers

If you are interested in any of rotary hydraulic damper or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

Our company has gathered a group of technicians and workers who have served in the Rotary Damper for Flat Slow Down industry for many years. Driven by the spirit of 'surpassing ourselves and creating first-class', our company actively promotes technological innovation and continuously expands the market space. The rapid development of high and new technology has promoted the transformation of enterprises from a purely competitive relationship to a mutual cooperative relationship.

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